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Angela S Bangalore luxury travel in India Bangalore blog is based in India’s bustling city of Bangalore. Angela provides valuable insight into unique local experiences and attractions, helping visitors discover the hidden gems of India that they may not have known existed. Angela’s expertise comes from years of traveling around India and beyond, to create the most immersive experience possible for her readers.

As an example of what you can find out this video of what you can find on the Angela S Bangalore luxury travel in India Bangalore blog, check out this video review Angela did of the All Hotel in Whitefield – One of the best Bangalore 5 star hotels:

Who is Angela S?

Angela Carson, goes by Angela S for her blog, moved to Bangalore in 2011 after living on and off in Barcelona, Spain. She originally is from Southern California, but the desire to have many cultural experiences ultimately drew her to settle in India.

She initially applied for a job in India, and within 24 hours received a request for a phone interview. Shortly thereafter, she was on the phone with the company conducting a second round of interviews. It was not long before she received an invitation to go to Bangalore, India to participate in a face-to-face interview.

Excitedly, she packed his bags and prepared for the lengthy journey ahead. She boarded a plane, and after a few hours of traveling finally arrived at her destination. Upon arrival in Bangalore she was met by smiling faces eager to welcome her into their fold. They quickly ushered her away to introduce him to his new colleagues and assign him his duties within the company.

The following days were filled with intense but rewarding interviews and meetings with various people that would eventually become her coworkers. After each conversation she felt more confident in himself and the potential growth this next step could bring about in her career.

At the end of the third day came great news – not only did she receive an employment contract from the company, but all of the necessary documents for residence and employment visas as well! It had been an incredible journey thus far, and now that it seemed as though all of his hard work had paid off, it seemed like nothing could stop her anymore!

Not only did the business efficiency in India impress her, the government actually did as well. Compared to other countries whose fees for a tourist visa are similar, the 200 Euros paid for a 1-year residency and employment visa is quite reasonable (remember, this was 2011 rates).

What was even more amazing was how quickly it was processed – from the date of application to when the visa was approved, it took only 7 business days! Not only that, but registration with the police must be done within 14 days of arrival – no additional cost to be borne by the applicant.

The process of obtaining a residence and work permit for Angela S in India proved to be rather straightforward and trouble-free as well. Once all documents have been submitted, she had quick results in just seven business days. The fee was also quite affordable considering what other countries charged for similar visas at the time. Moreover, registering with local authorities after arrival was free of charge, which further simplifies the process and makes it less expensive than in some other countries.

What’s more, people applying for an Indian tourist visa or residence permit can take comfort in knowing that they will be taken seriously by their government. In Angela S’s experience, the Indian government appears to prioritize promptness when dealing with applications and making decisions on whether or not to grant a visa or permit. Applicants should also feel reassured that their sensitive information will remain confidential throughout this process since Indian authorities are known for their strict adherence to data protection protocols. As such, tourists and immigrants alike can rest assured that their privacy will be respected throughout this entire process.

What to Expect to Find on the Angela S Bangalore Luxury Travel in India Bangalore Blog

Angela taking a drink of water while writing her luxury travel blog on Bangalore India

The Angela S Bangalore blog features stories about everything from temples to beaches, villages to cities and mountain ranges to deserts – all within the Indian subcontinent. Angela shares her personal experiences as well as recommendations for places to stay and sights to see in each region she visits. She provides detailed information about various tourist attractions including monuments, palaces and museums, giving readers an idea of what they can expect when visiting these places. Angela also documents her cultural immersion experiences which involve activities such as cooking local dishes or participating in traditional ceremonies.

Apart from featuring stories about Angela’s travels, Angela S Bangalore also reviews luxury hotels, restaurants and spas throughout India. Her reviews provide an honest account of the facilities available at each establishment, allowing readers to make informed decisions regarding their own level of comfort during their stay in India. Additionally, Angela provides a range of tips on how best to save money while exploring India without compromising on quality. Even the 5-star hotels are really inexpensive. That helps make luxury travel extra easy while you’re exploring a new place. One of the things she loves about Asia is how inexpensive and accessible international travel can be in the right countries.

Also, quickly hopping from country to country is easy, with a mode of transportation to fit every lifestyle and budget.

Finally, Angela S Bangalore promotes sustainable tourism by encouraging its readers to leave a minimal environmental footprint while traveling around India. She shares ideas on how travelers can be more eco-friendly while still experiencing the best that India has to offer in terms of culture and attractions. Angela also advocates for the protection of natural wildlife habitats by helping spread awareness among tourists about responsible wildlife interactions.

Categories found on the Angela S Bangalore Luxury Travel in India Bangalore Blog

There is so much great content that can be found on the Angela S Bangalore luxury travel in India Bangalore blog. The top categories include:

Eat and Drink

  • Bakeries and cupcakes
  • Dining out
  • Fun and nightlife
  • Sunday brunch

Places to stay


  • Beauty and spas
  • Beer and wine
  • Gyms and hospitals
  • Transportation


  • Bali
  • Chennai
  • Coorg
  • Goa
  • Jaipur
  • Mysore

Vlogs and pictures


  • Tips for expats
  • Travel advice

Where is Bangalore?

Bangalore is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka and is a major hub for tech-startups, research and innovation. It is known as India’s Silicon Valley due to its fast-paced economy and booming IT industry. Bangalore also has some great attractions for tourists, including ancient temples, beautiful gardens and bustling markets.

If you’re looking for a luxury travel blog that can provide you with insights into India’s culture, Angela S Bangalore Luxury Travel in India Bangalore Blog is the one for you! Angela offers readers an insight into authentic experiences that only someone who has traveled extensively through India can give – so don’t miss out! Make Angela S Bangalore your go-to resource when planning your visit to this amazing country.

Did Angela S move away from Bangalore, India?

Yes, Angela S moved from India.

She has lived in the USA, Spain, India, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and now Indonesia.

But don’t worry, her Bangalore content is still the best we’ve found for folks wanting to travel. But now, she has expertly covered even more places in Asia. She’s now also launched travel guides and video reviews for:

Greater China

  • Beijing
  • Hong Kong
  • Taipei
  • Macau


  • Bangalore
  • Coorg
  • Mysore


  • Bali
  • Lombok
  • Medan


  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Cameron Highlands
  • Penang
  • Langkawi
  • Melaka
  • Mulu (Sarawak, Borneo)



Sri Lanka:

  • Kandy
  • Safari in Yala National Park
  • Southern beaches
  • Galle
  • Also a full transportation guide including seaplanes, trains, buses, taxis, and tuk tuks.


  • Phuket
  • Koh Samui
  • Bangkok


  • Hanoi
  • Halong Bay

Angela S Luxury Travel Links

Angela S Bangalore luxury travel in India Bangalore blog is the first place to start. Her blog can be found here.

Angela also has a great YouTube channel that you can check out: Angela Carson YouTube Channel

She also has a fantastic Podcast, which can be found here.

Lastly, you can follow Angela on Facebook and Instagram.

Overall, Angela S Bangalore is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about travel destinations within India or Southeast Asia, or looking for advice on how best to enjoy their trip there. From tips on cost saving measures to cultural immersion experiences, Angela’s luxury travel blog has something for everyone who wishes to make their journey through India even more memorable!

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