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The Lost Box Ambulance Blog is written by Tom, who as a 45 year old divorcee, went on a quest for the perfect 4×4 adventure vehicle for becoming a nearly full-time RV traveler. Ultimately, Tom landed on converting an old ambulance for his adventures.

Tom’s Adventures on the the Lost Box Ambulance Blog

Tom's RV ambulance from the Lost Box Ambulance Blog
Photo Credit: The Lost Box Ambulance Blog

On the blog, Tom walks his readers through the build journey for the ambulance to RV conversion project, which he built completely from scratch.

The ambulance itself was sitting idle for a few months before he began work on it. During this time, he developed several plan iterations before ultimately settling on his final build plan.

Converting a Used Ambulance to an RV

Converting an ambulance into an RV can be a daunting yet rewarding task. Many people including Tom have found themselves wanting to capitalize on the large amount of space that is available in an ambulance, while also having the convenience of a recreational vehicle and all the amenities that come with it. The roof height was what is especially attractive to Tom.

The process begins by stripping out all the ambulatory equipment, such as stretchers, oxygen tanks and other essential medical devices. This allows for more room to customize the interior of your converted ambulance. Then, the ambulance needs to thoroughly cleaned of any remaining medical residue from inside so that the building of the custom RV can begin.

Next comes furnishing the new space. This might include installing beds, couches and other furniture that you would typically find in an RV or camper van. In addition to this, you may want to consider adding some luxury touches like mood lighting and entertainment systems for added comfort and enjoyment during travel.

Afterwards comes the fun part: decorating! Depending on your personal style, you could go with a modern theme or something more rustic and vintage-inspired. Additionally, it’s important to consider practical features such as storage solutions for clothing and cooking utensils so that everything has its place and is easily accessible.

Finally, safety considerations should always be at the forefront when undertaking projects like these. Investing in insulation to keep temperatures regulated throughout the year is essential if you plan on doing extended trips in your newly converted ambulance-RV hybrid during colder months. Furthermore, making sure all plumbing connections are installed correctly is paramount if you don’t want any nasty surprises during a road trip!

Converting an ambulance into an RV can be both exciting and challenging; however it’s certainly worth considering if you’re looking for a unique way to experience off-grid adventures with plenty of room for customization along the way! Tom’s journey and documentation of this process in the Lost Box Ambulance Blog is well worth the read if you’re interested in this.


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