WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 hits with new features!

WordPress.org blog has announced that the first beta (WordPress 3.6 Beta 1) is ready for testing. The software is still in development phase and shouldn’t be used on any production site but rather on a Test site. WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 is the first Beta version of the 3.6 edition of WordPress.

1 WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 hits with new features!

To test WordPress 3.6 Beta 1, try the WordPress Beta Tester Plugin or you can download the Beta. WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 came after just a few weeks release of WordPress 3.5.1. WordPress version 3.5 was released few months back and WordPress users found many problems with the theme management and pictures uploading and WordPress worked on the update and released WordPress 3.5.1 for self-hosted WordPress blog users. Though it was quite stable but still there were some bugs! This time, WordPress has the initiative that there will no new big feature and most focus will be on improving & fixing the bugs. That’s a great sign for developers & theme authors, because they can start testing their code against the WordPress 3.6 before the stable version comes out. Once the original version is out they can quickly grab it.

2 wordpress WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 hits with new features!New features of the WordPress 3.6 Beta 1

  • Post Formats

    4 post formats WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 hits with new features!
    Post Formats now have their own UI since WordPress 3.1, and theme authors have access to templating functions to access the structured data. This new Post Format feature will help users get a better understanding of each format. Basically, the aim is to standardize the usage of post formats across themes: most likely, developers will no longer need to form a set of assumptions and use custom fields when dealing with post formats in WordPress.

  • Twenty Thirteen

    4 wordpress theme WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 hits with new features!
    This new release of WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 comes with a brand new default WordPress theme. Twenty Thirteen is a very colorful theme that focuses on blogging with an opinionated, blog-centric option that makes full use of the new Post Formats support.

  • Audio/Video

    5 video WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 hits with new features!
    You can now embed audio and video files into your posts without relying on a plugin or a third-party media hosting service by using the WordPress 3.6 Beta 1.

  • Autosave

    6 autosave WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 hits with new features!
    Posts are now autosaved locally with no chance of losing the post if your computer dies or you lose connection with your server. You are saved by the WordPress 3.6 Beta 1.

  • Post Locking

    7 postlocking WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 hits with new features!
    Have you ever tried to edit a post while someone else is too editing it? Or perhaps if someone else just forgot to log out or slept? In WordPress 3.6 Beta 1, you’ll have the ability to kick them out of the editing screen.

  • Nav Menus

    Nav menus have been simplified and made better with an accordion-based UI in the new version of WordPress 3.6 Beta 1. The release also includes a separate tab for bulk-assigning menus to locations in it.

  • Revisions

    The all-new revisions UI features avatars, a slider that “scrubs” through history and two-slider range comparisons are the key new features of the WordPress 3.6 Beta 1.

WordPress has encouraged users to use and check this latest release (WordPress 3.6 Beta 1) and share the bugs, problems and errors on WordPress blog and community site.

Prasenjit HatyWordPress 3.6 Beta 1 hits with new features!