Tumblr: Boost Traffic with Most Popular Blog Platform

The blogging website Tumblr.com has recently overtaken WordPress as the blogging platform with the most users. Tumblr now trumps its competitors with 20.9 million accounts and over 40,000 new users joining daily. In fact, Tumblr has doubled its numbers since January and has reached 8 billion page views per month. But, why has there been such an explosion of growth? The answer seems to lie in the blogging experience the site provides.

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Some may not be all too familiar with how Tumblr operates, so let me introduce you. The site provides a combination experience of social networking and blogging. While its blog competitors focus more on long-winded content that is well thought-out and formal, Tumblr has found a niche in microblogging, but with content often slightly longer than Twitter’s 140-character limit.

If the recent growth is any indication, people are starting to favor the short-form content of Tumblr. The emphasis on quick and to-the-point posts removes clutter and allows readers to quickly soak in information. So, in essence, Tumblr has become an accelerated way to share news and ideas.

However, whereas WordPress and Twitter focus more on text-based sharing, Tumblr stresses a variety of media that can be posted to a user’s blog. In addition to text, a user can choose from different types of posts: photos, quotes, links, chats (meaning the dialogue of a conversation), audio, or video. Tagging posts allows users to easily search for content of a desired theme and has made the sharing of Internet memes, gifs, and videos a popular aspect of the site.

Also similar to Twitter, Tumblr has a “reblog” feature that lets users post existing content to their own blog, a la the “retweet.” The very interactive nature of Tumblr and its focus on sharing has helped push things into the viral domain of the Internet. The ease of which reblogging and liking (identical to Facebook’s Like) is performed, and the resulting rapid spread of a blog post, has been one of the attractive benefits for companies looking to boost traffic to their site.

Another popular use for a Tumblr blog is as an online portfolio. Up-and-coming photographers, videographers, graphic designers, et cetera, have realized that the simplicity of the site provides a trendy, yet professional venue for the display of their work. Further, the social nature of the site has a mass appeal for providing the opportunity to receive Internet buzz.

Like most social networks and blogging experiences, Tumblr has a mobile app for tumbling on the go: anywhere, anytime. The entirety of the site is accessible from your iPhone.

While it’s very unlikely the site will ever overtake Facebook, Tumblr’s popularity and reach sure is growing. Expect great things and a pressure to create your own if you have not already.

What do you think of Tumblr? Have you already made one for yourself or business?

August DrillingTumblr: Boost Traffic with Most Popular Blog Platform
  • Ankit

    I will try blogging on tumbler. Thanks!!!!!!!!

    • http://incrediblogger.net Prasenjit

      All the very best. Tumblr is a great blogging platform.

  • John Allen

    I have heard of Tumblr but I have not personally used it. It seems like a nice blogging platform and obviously it must be considering how much it has grown in such a short time.

  • http://www.bucillachristmasstockingkits.org/ dorothy

    I love tumblr! It is one of the best sites that you can blog at the same time get to see a lot of good bloggers as well. My greatest love are seeing wonderful pictures and also reading a lot of good quotes.