Top 5 Tips for Successful Article Writing

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I guess most of us have heard that writing articles and submitting them to different popular sites/blogs/article directories in forms such as guest blogging is a great way to increase targeted traffic to our sites which in turn yields good profit. There are in fact many good articles on the advantages of guest blogging over the internet and how submitting articles to popular article directories like Ezine can help attract traffic. But many articles get submerged in the sea of articles and then it does not get any attention and nobody clicks through your links in the resource boxes. If this happens to your articles, then you should do something about it. I have found 5 steps which will help you write the most successful articles on the internet. Here you go!

Article Writing Tip #1:

The most important thing to do while writing an article is to capture your reader’s attention. How else can you convince them to read through the bottom of the article and click on your link? It is the first paragraph which makes the first impression. It has been proved that people like relating to stories or people they know before. So, adding a quote from a well-known site or person to make people to associate your knowledge with the quoted person or blog can make a huge difference. Alternatively, you can tell a story which you had heard before or it might also be a nicely framed fable which can be connected to your article. But I would suggest not writing fables, as faking is not the right way to do it.

Article Writing Tip #2:

How can an article be excellent without a catchy title? The reason I put this point is that the title really decides how it captures your reader’s minds and how they are going to enjoy reading your article. The title should carry a clear indication of what the whole content is all about and should really be impressive. But, a high quality title with low quality content can be again harmful. So you need to put extra attention as to write a high quality article along with a catchy title. A good title should mention the whole article in a single sentence, but with something of a mystery to get people to click. People respond well to “Top 5’s or Top 10’s”, but they also like questions or implications of success.

Article Writing Tip #3:

Picking a hot topic is my tip #3. If you are talking about targeted traffic or link building, then write articles about the latest products. For example, on this day (June 15th, 2011) while I am writing this article, one of the hot products at ClickBank is Mass Traffic Accelerator (my affiliate link attached). An article or more specifically a review about this product at this time can drastically improve traffic. Seasonal or festive articles also do very well. Webmasters and ezine owners always look for articles which relate well to the current time of the year. If you are not sure what topic to write about, just read the news or some blogs related to your niche and find out the most current events or talked about topics.

Article Writing Tip #4:

This tip might seem quite obvious and useless to some of you. Yes, I am talking about ‘Grammar and Spelling’. Articles which have poor grammar and spelling mistakes are not going to help you much. Articles with grammatical and spelling mistakes can get quickly rejected by most of the popular article submission sites. So, what I suggest is to take your time to write your article on your favorite editor like Microsoft Word instead of directly writing it on your blogging tool and definitely spend the extra few seconds to press the spellcheck button. I’m sure you’ll see that it makes a big difference. I frequently find typos in many successful blogs and it leaves me with an impression that the webmaster/editor is negligent on the quality of the article or it might be a work of copy paste. Don’t let this happen to your readers.

Article Writing Tip #5:

Write from the bottom of your heart explaining your personal experience. This will help you write articles more easily which then gets reflected in your articles. If you’re interested in the topic you are writing about, then you are bound to write a high quality article. You might often find some keywords which are very much sought after, but you are not motivated enough to write about it. Take a break at this point and think of some other topic at the same time. Practicing this technique will help you think about more topics and you will soon be able to write about a wide range of topics without losing your focus and the personal touch to each of your articles.


Hope these points are helpful to all who read it and if you think that I missed some really vital point which should be included in this list, then please go ahead and leave a comment.

Prasenjit HatyTop 5 Tips for Successful Article Writing
  • Rafay Qureshi

    I would love to practically implement these Tips as they really seem to be fruitful to me =)
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Ankit

    I am glad to have all these tips and be more glad to implement while writing articles. Thanks for you tips!!!!!!!!!!

    • Prasenjit

      Great. Go ahead and start implementing and let us know about your experiences.

  • John Allen

    I like the tips on grammar and writing from the bottom of your heart. Writing with passion is most likely to capture readers attention as they can see what you experienced through your words. A catchy title and first paragraph are also very necessary because if yours is boring then any person will not bother reading the rest of the article.

  • Jerryl@Toilet Paper

    Thank to this post. I like to summarize it this way:
    Tip 1: Capture reader’s attention.
    Tip 2: Catchy Title.
    Tip 3: Hot Topic.
    Tip 4: Correct Grammar and Spelling.
    Tip 5: Topic base on personal experience.

    If there is something wrong, please add it on the next comment.

    • Prasenjit

      Glad that you summarized the whole article in 5 simple sentences.