My Thoughts on a Phenomenon called Facebook

The “Facebook” movie? Not entirely ….It is certainly “The Social Network”. After all the hype that went after it. I decided to have a look. And my synopsis is that it is a movie worth watching.

Unlike what was impressed upon us that this is a movie on the Facebook, it is not entirely true. It is quite an inspirational movie and gives us a bird’s eyes view into the world of business innovation.

My Take:

The movie is based on a teenager’s, i.e. Mark Zuckerberg’s idea of creating a social network site, i.e. Facebook and how he turns it into a billion dollar phenomenon. Although getting tangled in legal issues as well, this gets really serious and is almost catastrophic.

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The fact that Facebook is such a big phenomenon in the world today has been a great contributing factor to the film’s success. But that factor notwithstanding, the films portrays great work values and business ethics in the world of business as a whole and is a great learning aspirant for wannabes.

As far as critics are concerned this movie bagged an A, and an A- from the users at Yahoo Movies, which is certainly quite a feat. The critics said that the actors chosen for this movie had beyond par acting abilities and the movie was certainly very well made. If anyone of you is into online or network marketing or business, this is a movie after your hearts. For in this movie you will be able to view a transformation of a sapling of an idea to a multimillion dollar worldwide phenomenon which takes the globe in a storm.

I really don’t want to spoil the movie for those who haven’t watched it yet. But one thing is for sure, after watching this movie; you will be asking yourself what is the next billion dollar idea that is going to hit the world? I was wondering too.

Food for thought.

Do you know the multimillion dollar idea coming up next?

AnubhavMy Thoughts on a Phenomenon called Facebook
  • Pundit Commentator@Indian political news and commentary blog

    Glad you didn’t spoil the movie. I am anti-FB and haven’t watched the movie yet either…although I probably will at some point on telly because I’m a big Jesse Eisenberg fan.

    • Prasenjit

      Even I did not watch the movie. This is an article by my editor cum colleague cum friend Anubhav. He is an excellent guy and he understands what he writes. Heads up Anubhav :).

  • Rohan

    Same here Anubhav , it dished out good entertainment to the ‘entertainment maniac’ but the real impact is when every one with an entrepreneur and an idea brewing inside him with a big question mark ….. an inspiring one ofcourse .

    • Anubhav

      Hi Rohan,
      Thanks a lot. Am glad you share the same thoughts. I really liked the movie for the inspiration it provided.

  • Tony McGurk@T.M. Comics

    I haven’t seen the movie & probably won’t. I personally don’t find Facebook all that interesting. I mainly use it to keep in touch with my grown up kids & to promote my blog posts. I spend most of my online time blogging & visiting other blogs.

    • Prasenjit

      Actually Facebook had emerged as a social networking site and now it has mostly turned into a advertisement base for many. I still do not use Facebook rigorously for either. But I see many people around me spending most of their time on FB either playing games or chatting with their old pals.

  • Ganesh Banerjee

    I believe ‘The Social Network’ tells us a lot about one very important fact. It says, that once we have an idea inside our mind, its almost impossible to eradicate the same without acting upon it. This guy ‘Mark’ had an idea to construct something sensational that in a self-driving way could attract people towards itself without the need to do anything special. In those days, when one thought about something like this, news and blogs would automatically become their first choice. This is where the idea began taking a structure and goes on furnishing itself further, but the ultimate break arrived when Mark understood what could motivate people more than an everyday blog or news channel. More than news and current affairs, all of us today are interested to know every single update of our companions. Thus, the idea was never to build Facebook, but the reach of a simple idea led to formation of this.

  • Emman

    Facebook are really slowly conquering the internet world. If I am not mistaken they are number 2 in rankings next to google when it comes to most popular site.

  • Murad

    i think you have just seen movie Social Network :P

  • David

    lol nice observation!

  • John Allen

    I watched the movie too, mainly because I was curious as to what really happened and how it happened. Great movie, the acting was pretty good. People should watch it to kind of get an inside look on how the multi-billion dollar company that is Facebook came to be.

  • Jeanie

    I haven’t watched this movie yet. But after this article I’d like to find it and watch, and maybe I will understand what will be the next billion dollar idea))

  • Rafay Qureshi

    lol Great Jeanie then you should watch it asap!