Make A Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Business Now!

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In the world where everybody talks about Facebook, it has really turned into a phenomenon. Social Media nowadays plays an important role in Internet Marketing. Social media describes the online technologies and practices that we use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other. So, a social media marketing plan should be there to get as many Facebook Likes as possible and maximum number of fans for our Fanpages. Social media can take many different forms, including text, images, audio, and video.  Popular social mediums include blogs, message boards, podcasts, wikis, and Video Blogs (vlogs) and the most popular Facebook as an example.

Though it is somewhat daunting for more traditional marketers to step into social media, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to be successful.  Selecting a few initiatives that will work well for your site/blog in the field of social media can gain you incremental success until you are more comfortable in really delving deep into the social media and other applications.

Tips to Build your Social Media Marketing Plan

Having said that, you should prepare a proper social media marketing plan, a full proof plan that includes social media. You should primarily focus on what initial steps you should take to connect with the people that you want to reach online and how you can engage them. Engaging visitors in conversations with your site/blog and further encouraging them to share information about your business with other people they choose to network with is the key to a successful social media presence.Social Media Marketing Plan 300x172 Make A Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Business Now!

Whenever I talk about social media with someone, it leaves me thinking of how difficult it has been for the B2B segment of businesses to grasp a hold of the power in social media when one business is marketing to another.  The fact is that this value has still not been understood completely by most marketing individuals as well as big marketing companies. Most of them think that this mode of marketing does not relate to them, while actually having a PR plan is nowadays a must..

Now you must be thinking whether your PR plan is full proof or not, right? You must also be wondering how to write a PR plan that incorporates social media, correct? The best PR plans go far beyond focusing only on traditional media to incorporate elements of social networking as a way of building relationships and reaching new customer groups. Find out how.

The first step to learn how to write a social media marketing strategy to incorporate social media is to understand how this type of promotion differs from utilizing traditional media. The primary difference lies with the fact that social media marketing is “inbound” as opposed to traditional media, which are “outbound.” With social media, you are not sending messages out and hoping that they’ll find a way to your consumers. Rather, your messages are being delivered directly to consumers – but only if your organization has an appropriate and effective presence in social media.

Regardless of how you plan to reach your peers in social networks, you also need a real systematic plan in place for using social media while interacting with the people who choose to allow you into their network. And finally when it comes to returns, as with any form of marketing, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. Simply having a presence in social media does not ensure your success. Your active participation is really important if you want to skyrocket your social media marketing.

Every online marketer needs to learn how to write a social media marketing plan that incorporate social media. Even I’m still in the process of learning. But believe me; this requires a huge change in mindset for traditional marketers. Typically, public relation plans have come a long way with ways to generate coverage in traditional media outlets like newspapers, magazines, and broadcasting media. While traditional media are still important PR considerations, they are not all that you can trust for marketing with when writing a social media marketing plan that can be effective in the 21st Century. Today, an effective PR plan should include a systematic approach to utilizing social media as a way of promoting your company or business.

To get started with your PR plan, you should first figure out where your target customers are networking. Beyond just having a presence, the essential step is to find out how to reach out to the right people and encourage them to choose to follow your business. It should then be followed by utilizing your company’s social media profiles to provide as much valuable information as possible that will appeal to your target audience, and taking steps to build a follower base via social media.

The way of approaching Social Media to accomplish these goals varies according to the nature of your business and thereby depends quite a lot on your target customers. So, once your PR plan is ready and you’re done with everything, the final step after setting up a social media profile for your company/blog is to decide how you are going to approach building a follower base and tracking your success. The best ways to start is by sharing it with your own personal social networking contacts and encouraging others who work with you to do the same, allowing your base of followers to grow through word of mouth and viral marketing.


Prasenjit HatyMake A Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Business Now!
  • AJ Clarke

    I used to be horrible at Social Media Marketing but after I wrote up a list of various things I was going to do and my goals it quickly became easier. I think you should have a set list of things you do every day to engage the community and increase your social media influence….

    This was an awesome article Haty, but I would highly recommend adding some subheaders in the post to better guide readers.

    Cheers!, AJ

    • Prasenjit

      I totally agree with you in the fact that having a TODO list and strictly sticking to it, makes a huge difference.

      Thanks for pointing me and suggesting to use sub-headers. Even I like writing that way, but somehow could not frame the article with patience.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and posting your opinion.

  • Emman

    I am using different social media to get traffic from my blog post and my 2 favorites are digg and stumbleupon.

    • Prasenjit

      Thanks for sharing your favorites. Even I like Stumbleupon a lot.

  • Sam

    Good to read this and I think social media is a great help to promote your business and to increase your sales as well.

  • Gaurav Sadawarte@SEO and Internet Marketing

    Inbound marketing is definitely better than outbound, because its consumer who comes to you, you don’t need to lure here and there using traditional ways…
    I am not saying traditional ways doesn’t anymore, rather I believe it is still one of the best ways for viral marketing … much better than any type of marketing till date..

    I have tried both types and I was not disappointed with ROI… but traditional marketing is much more expensive than SMM … so i prefer SM.. it gives be traffic, exposure and much needed backlinks …

    • Prasenjit

      You’re right Gaurav. Traditional marketing methods though successful is pretty expensive compared to SMM.