How to Set Up your Google+ Business Page

Are you into internet business? Do you want to make some more money? Do you think that it’s possible to advertise your business in internet and make it popular?

Let’s start then.

Almost all of us have account in Facebook and we all see something called FAN page every now and then. Similar to that, Google+ has also introduced its challenger called Google Plus Business page.

First let’s take a look at the Google Plus Business page of IncrediBlogger.

google plus page How to Set Up your Google+ Business Page

Firstly I will describe how to create your Business Page then I will mention few points how to optimize it for search engine and get maximum out of it. The whole article has been written using the creation of the sample page for the ease of understanding.

How to create

  1. Go to the link or you can head over directly to Google Plus Business Page and skip to step 4 below.
  2. Click on the Connect with your customer (Google+ Your Business link)google plus page1 How to Set Up your Google+ Business Page
  3. It will take you to the another page where you have to click on the link “Create your Google+ Page”
  4. Now if you are not signed in, please do sign in using your Google email id and plus page2 How to Set Up your Google+ Business Page
  5. Now you will be redirected to a Dash Board like below
  6. Now for people who have bit confusion on what is a Business page and how it is different from a Profile; well profile is a page of a human being and the Google+ page is non-human entity. It is a representation for your Product, Brand, Organization or institution, art, entertainment, your local business or anything like plus page3 How to Set Up your Google+ Business Page
  7. It now asks for your business phone number. Nowadays generally people have so many phone numbers so does a business. So it’s recommended that give the phone number which is most attached to your business. Now it’s possible that Google is unable to locate your business place as the phone number you have given, so in that case click on the link “Add your business to Google” like below
  8. Now after the selection of your business name and the category click on the create button and voila, your Google+ business page has been created.
  9. Now it will ask you to upload a photo from your computer. You might like to upload your Business Logo or the Product image here and click on continue.
  10. Here you can share your New Brand or Business page words in Google+ circles and you can see your Business Page.
  11. Now the page has been created we are not finished yet. It’s time to discuss how to optimise your page and few other things.

Customizing your Newly Created Google Plus Business Page

This is the main part of this article. To edit the page you have to click on the “Profile” button (Red Squared) the top of the page like belowgoogle plus page4 How to Set Up your Google+ Business Page

You can see a message is displayed in black panel saying that now you are going to use as the Google+ page, so all the posts, comments and notification you will get is from this Business page.

The moment you click on the OK button your page will look like thisgoogle plus page5 How to Set Up your Google+ Business Page

Upload Photos to your Google Plus Business Page:

Upload the images which describe your business at its best. These photos will always be shown at the top of your page so make sure to upload relevant images which will describe your business. It can be anything logo, business / brand name, Office, employees, location and don’t forget to upload the images of awards your business has won. So depending on the business you are doing I will recommend you to upload minimum 5 images to your page.

Use the Suitable Keywords:

Start with the introduction of your page. Try to use the words which will describe your business best. Make sure to use search engine optimised keywords. Try to hyperlink few Keywords to your website.

Actual Business Hours:

Make sure you use the actual business hours in the Hours block. The hours should be consistent with yours business. For any update on this do the changes in the pages immediately.

Name your Website:

The name of the website can be anything like blog, actual website, and social page. Now depending upon the business you are doing make sure the link should contain enough information of your business or brand.

Add relevant profiles and pages:

On the sidebar of this page, you can add “Recommended Links.” This is where you will want to add your business blog, social profiles, and local listings and review sites you want to promote. To optimize each of these, use the following format: “Business Name + Site Name” For example, to link to your business Facebook Page, in the Label section, write “Business Name Twitter,” and then in the next box, list your Page’s unique URL.

So now you are ready to go with your Google+ page.

I will discuss “how to manage your google plus business page” and “few simple marketing tricks” with all of you in my next article. For now this is it. Hope you like it. Please add your valuable comment if I have missed anything.

Avirup ChatterjeeHow to Set Up your Google+ Business Page
  • Shalyn

    Hi Avirup,

    You’ve mentioned the process of setting up your new Google+ business page with so much ease and interesting way, I really enjoyed reading this article. It’s quite similar to Facebook fanpage, and I feel you haven’t missed any point to mention. :)

  • Robin

    A very detail article with necessary tips to show the importance of Google+ Business page. Many things Google+ will be a failure, but google have totally changed the way +1 works and FORCES it literally to all the webmasters to further do the same to their readers.

    Still i like Google+ than Facebook :) sad to see many havent started to use it yet.


    • Avirup Chatterjee

      Hi Robin,

      Indeed and thanks for your valuable point.

      So many haven’t started using Google+ Business page and I strongly believe that it has so much of potential so as +1. I hope in my next article I can point out few things which will definitely help you to boost up your business.

      Keep reading.


  • Avirup Chatterjee

    Hi Shalyn,

    Thanks for your input. I will publish SEO for Google+ business page very soon. I hope you will like that too.


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