Search Engine Optimization Tips for Your Google+ Page

In my last article I have discussed about how to create a badge for your Google+ business page, now here in this article I will point out few things which will help you to make your Google+ page search engine optimised. For people who are completely off-track, please read the article about how to create your Google+ business page.

  1. Adding a Google+ badge
    Add your Google+ business page badge to your actual website. This is a simple but effective way to spread the words of your brand/ product/business to the plus badge1 150x150 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Your Google+ PageIf you like to know more about how to create a badge, read it.
  2. Effective use of +1 Button
    We all are pretty much aware of the “like” button in Facebook. Well Google+ also has something similar to that and it’s called “+1”. Using the +1 button you can share your new product/ article/ news in your Google+ page. You can also involve yourself in the discussion/comment on the shared topic in Google+ page and can attract more plus one Search Engine Optimization Tips for Your Google+ Page
  3. Link the Google+ page
    Another way of promoting your Google+ page is to link it to your actual website/ blog/ social profile. By this way you can attract more followers and make your page more popular.
  4. Introduce Videos & Photos in your page
    This is a simple way to make your page more attractive and engaging. Make sure you add relevant photos and videos to your page. It can be anything, it can be showcase of clips of your brand/ product and it can be some attractive images of your product. I will also recommend you to add updated videos and images to your page in daily basis.
  5. Circle them
    You might already know or heard of circle in Google+. Circle is the way of differentiating your friends – Customers and followers. So you might like to put them in different circles in order to manage and customise your posts to different circles.
    For example you are going to publish one post which you want to share only with your followers under a particular circle. If not than make it public, by this people in all the circles as well as people outside your circle will be able to see it. You can also share it with a single person by just selecting him plus circles Search Engine Optimization Tips for Your Google+ Page
  6. Hangouts to engage
    Hangouts – Another effective way. You might like to hang out with your customer for more engagement, for discussion of any product or to discussing with them about your business and your target audience. I found it very essential in terms of “know your customer better” point of view. Also you can hang out with your followers to keep them aware of the updates of your brand/product in face to plus hangouts Search Engine Optimization Tips for Your Google+ Page
  7. Include your page in your Email
    You can also add your Google+ business page at your email signature; this is a wonderful way to promote your page.
  8. Encourage the visitors
    You can encourage the visitors of your page to add your Google+ business page to their circles. You can also involve yourself in discussion of similar brand or product in Google+ page and spread the words with them about yours.

If you follow all these points properly, then you’re bound to have great fan following in your Google+ page. Let me know if you have anything else in your mind. If you think that I missed some points which should be added so that others can benefit from it, then you are always welcome to add your valuable comments below.

Avirup ChatterjeeSearch Engine Optimization Tips for Your Google+ Page
  • Gaurang

    Its been a typical task to promote a page through G+. Hope this tricks works..

  • Rowan

    I have a Google Plus profile, and a Google Plus page. I generally focus on updating my profile, but maybe I should be doing the opposite. I don’t know. It’s easier to get followers on the profile.

  • Jawad

    I think the new changes they have made to google pages are really interesting and made people focus more on Google business pages. Most importantly I like the option to change the admin rights. I have started using them seriously now.

  • Rafay Qureshi

    Thanks For Sharing these new tips that i have not noticed by the way i want to know that how can we display our Google + Picture in Search Results if some one searches for our name i have seen pictures of people in their results but i wanted to know that how i can add my Google + Picture if some one searches for me or my name or my website do you have any idea about that Avi?

  • Suraj

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. It helped me gain a lot of info.

  • Arsie

    worth reading. I am not really into G+ but I might give it a shot.

    • Prasenjit

      You should really give G+ a shot. Its worth trying I promise.

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    This is seriously cool. never thought much about SEO for Google+. Thanks for the tips.