How To Use Blogging To Grow Your Business

Blogging is free; anyone can blog anytime of the day or night. Opinions expressed in blogs, if stated with authority and clarity tend to circulate on the internet. With the social media revolution, blogs get talked about, voted and forwarded. It’s possible to totally influence the outcome of any aspect of life or business using blogs. Companies are waking up to the power of blogging and are leveraging this power to grow their businesses. Here’s how you can do it as well.

  • Don’t Directly Promote Your Business

Why do blog readers visit blogs and subscribe to their feeds? It’s because these readers enjoy and appreciate the content that is published. They’ll definitely not be interested in joining a blog that does nothing except promote its backend business! So if you want to gain people’s attention and establish a dedicated readership, take the focus off of your business, and focus on your readers. People who use their blog purely as a promotional tool find that they don’t get the best results. Focus on publishing high quality content and let the content do the promotion for you!

  • Become A Valued Source Of Information

When you publish knowledgeable and useful content on aspects pertaining to your industry, you’ll soon be seen as an expert source of valuable information. When you accomplish this, the perceived value of your product or service offerings will be higher. It’s possible that other people in your industry are also providing the same kind of offerings, but they might not be blogging. If you’ve proven your worth to your blog readers through your blog, you’ll be the preferred provider.

As you know, the amount of business you can generate depends to a great extent on the reputation you build for yourself. By blogging, you can build yourself an excellent reputation.

  • Don’t Hold Back Valuable Information

Most bloggers feel that they should hold back the best goodies for paying customers only. There’s nothing wrong with this line of thought, other than the fact that holding back will prevent you from creating an outstanding blog. It’s always possible that other bloggers will share more than you do. If you want your blog to be the industry leader in your product or service domain, then you need to go all out and offer your best and most valuable information to all.

Yes, it’s quite understandable that you might not want to share some specifically valuable info publicly. While you should maintain privacy there, you still need to share some valuable information for free to keep your readers loyal to you.

  • Plan Your Blogging Schedule Ahead Of Time

It’s best to set a schedule to visit your blog regularly. You can choose to spend a few hours on it every day, or every alternate day. If you focus on quality, you don’t need to publish content every day. Plan your schedule based on how many posts you want to put up in a week and how much time each post takes you. Note that no one expects you to follow a rigid posting schedule. At the same time, your audience will have certain expectations of you. By sticking to a schedule, you will be letting them know that you are reliable.

  • Increase Your Audience Using Social Media And Social Networking

Blogs and social media work hand in hand to promote everything from opinions to goods. If you decide to use blogs to promote your own services, don’t forget to also get involved in social networking sites. With several social media networking sites out there, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Social media sites are great tools to quickly promote your blog and gain unprecedented exposure. These sites will also build a strong reputation and a strong network for your business within your industry.

  • Actively Participate In Other Blogs

To establish yourself as a blogger of value, you need to actively participate in other blogs as well. You can choose blogs within your industry to keep your blog specific. Leave comments, write guest posts, do interviews, network with other bloggers and generate back links from other blogs and websites. The blog world wants to work with those it sees as subject matter experts. Make an effort to be seen at other blogs as well.

  • Consider Your Blog As A Valuable Part Of Your Business

Invest in your blog; note that you’ll get returns on your investment. If you invest less effort, time and dedication, you won’t get much out of it. On the other hand, the more you invest in it, the more you’ll get out of it. Therefore it’s important that you consider your blog as a valuable part of your business and treat it as such.

  • Maintain Content Focus

Remember your blog is meant to promote your business eventually and how you as an industry expert as well. It’s required therefore, to maintain core content focus, targeting your topics and content at people who may become your potential customers and clients. This approach differs greatly from what you would do with a personal blog. Make an impact with each post.

  • Target Everyone, Not Just Potential Customers

Your blog can be manipulated to become a great promoter of your business. However, always remember that not all your readers will become your customers. Many of your customers will visit your blog just to enjoy your content, and won’t intend to make a purchase at all. However, these readers are still very valuable, since they can help develop and popularize your profile in the industry, so don’t ignore them.

  • Maintain Your Blog On Your Own Domain

When you start your blog, don’t use a separate domain for it. If you have an existing product website, build your blogs on it. In time, as your blog grows, it will attract links and search engine traffic. The rest of your site can benefit from the search engine traffic as well.

davidsmithHow To Use Blogging To Grow Your Business
  • Jeff Orloff

    Good point about setting a schedule. Too many new bloggers buy into the belief that you have to blog everyday and what winds up happening is you get a blog with inferior content that no one wants to read. Better to write quality posts less often than lackluster content more frequently.

  • Arun

    Blogging definitely helps in improving their business if they properly do that. I have seen one web hosting company (wpwebhost); their business is hosting but also they are blogging and they are paying those who write for their blog. It’s because if anyone searching for something related to hosting their article may come in #1 in Google search result it means that they are receiving targeted traffic which is related to hosting, if the visitors get converted to buyer means profit.. profit… so blogging defiantly helps.

    Nowadays most of the online business have their blog.

    • Prasenjit

      Yeah WPWebHost is a good example of how blogging can increase business. Thanks Arun for giving us this example.

  • Rafay Qureshi

    Yeah today we can see that in every eCommerce website there is a blog where they do keep posting about the ins and outs of the product that is related to them and their product and mostly hire bloggers for this purpose and those bloggers who are experts blog that way that even readers get convince to buy those products that are sell on those websites!

    • Jeff

      You are right about that. I have a few companies as clients that have hired me to write for their blogs. The more successful ones, however, don’t write about their products but relevant topics in their industry.

  • Jarrod Frenzel

    Great tips you have here! There’s no doubt that one of the best methods of growing your business is through blogging. As they say, information is power. And where else can you find the most relevant information about your customers but through a blog.

  • Kevin

    A blog gives you a personal connection with readers, customers and potential customers you might otherwise not have. Besides building a list it is good to have a voice representing your business on the world wide web. If you encourage interaction between bloggers and their readers than it is an enriching experience on both sides of the curtain.

  • Ankit

    blogging help a lot in the promotion of business or site. Participation in other blog is really work. try it !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Prasenjit

      Thanks for sharing your tips. We already participate in networking with other similar blogs.

  • Jerryl

    Thank you for sharing these information. Blogging is really helpful in growing our business. If the steps above are followed properly, these would generate a big big result.

  • Alex

    Blogging is a way to help your business, but you must take into consideration that if you want to create a productive blog that can generate traffic – “Content is KING”. You must make every post an interesting one that will peak the interest of most readers.