Easy Ways to Make Money with Blogs

Easy Ways to Make Money with Blogs – A Round Up

There had been a great buzz about easy ways to make money with blogs for quite some time. If you are new to the internet and are wondering how one could make money with blogs, this article would serve as an eye opener to you. There are  easy ways to make money with blogs and earn a steady income. Even if you do not own a blog, it is easy to create one free of cost. There are several service providers like blogger and wordpress that offer free blogs for users. If you wish to be a professional blogger you can also host your own blogs for a small fee.  In order to make it easy for you, it is wise to choose CMS platforms to create your blog.

Now that you’re done with creating your blog, let me tell you some Easy Ways to Make Money.

Once you are done with your blog, it is important to promote your blog in order to earn money. Promotion of website simply means updating the blog regularly, obtaining links from relevant blogs and websites, and making it easy for browsers to find your blog by means of seo, and smo. Once your blog starts receiving a good number of visitors, you are ready to implement the monetization techniques on your blog. Among the several ways of monetizing blogs ad programs based on CPC are the most common ones. Ad programs such as adsense are easy and reliable source from your blog. All you have to do is sign up for an account with Google and install the adsense codes to your blog.

With today’s WYSIWYG interfaces in the blogs admin panel, you can easily install the codes. If you are not sure about the coding you can always avail the help of a coder. Once you are finished the ads will start showing up in your blog whenever a visitor clicks on the ads your blog will generate money. Upon reaching a prescribed threshold, you will be paid as checks or other payment methods.

While this could be a passive income from your blogs, you work toward making more aggressive income generation techniques such as providing paid blog posts with links to the buyer. With time and quality content your blog can be awarded high PR by Google. At this state business that wish to divert traffic from your website will willingly pay for including their links in your blog. You can also sell ad space or rent them to prospective buyers. And finally when your website reaches good value, you can sell them for a good profit as well. You can look out for other posts at my blog to learn more about Easy Ways to Make Money.

These are some Easy Ways to Make Money with Blogs which you can implement right away.

Lydia DianeEasy Ways to Make Money with Blogs
  • http://www.uniquetipsonline.com Madav

    Kristina thanks for the article,

    Blogs are the best platform to make money online, if you have positive attitude you can be a successful blogger.

    • http://incrediblogger.net Praz

      Blogs are the best platform to make money if you know exactly how to milk it. Positive attitude along with dedication and fresh unique ideas will surely make you successful blogger.

      • Emman@backlink energizer review

        Yes you’re right guys. Just keep on posting and updating your blogs plus proper optimizing will definitely make your blog shine and the income to it us up a head.

        • http://incrediblogger.net Prasenjit

          Thats right Emman. Proper optimization and fresh original content will surely generate revenue from your blog.

  • William Tha Great

    Hey kristina,

    You are absolutely right there are easy ways to make money from a blog. The hard part is getting the traffic for your blog. Once you have the steady traffic then making money would be a breeze. Most people cannot fight the battle long enough to have a decent size steady flow of traffic.

    Take things 1 day at a time.. And before you know it your site will be pretty popular. We just have to keep working at it. ( :

    Thanks again.

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • http://incrediblogger.net Praz

      You’re absolutely right William. Getting traffic is the hardest part and once you start getting traffic, you can make money easily. But not always :). Sometimes you need a lil bit of luck and you should know the right ways to make money.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • Jason

      +1 on that. If your blog (or any other site for that matter) gets 10,000 visitors a day, even the most inept marketeer can turn it into money. It’s GETTING the traffic that’s the real sticking point.

      • http://incrediblogger.net Prasenjit

        Absolutely correct Jason.

  • Ryan

    Great post mate, keep it up. You are on the way to be successful blogger.

    • http://incrediblogger.net Praz

      Thanks a lot Ryan.

  • http://www.blogstash.com satrap

    Blogs do provide a great platform to make money online. And I think ad sense is a great way for especially beginners to monetize their blogs. However, I think its important not to cover your blog with ads all over. You don’t want to turn your visitors away by having too many ads.
    For a new blog, I think its best to not have any ads at all until it establishes itself and has some regular audience, then slowly add ads to the blog. Thanks.

    • http://incrediblogger.net Praz

      Absolutely right Satrap. Adsense is a very good option to make money out of your site/blog especially for newbies. But yeah we should never flood our sites with ads all-over. In one way, it looks odd and again you have more visitors going out of your site if your CTR is high. Thats not good for a new website. Anyways thanks for commenting.

  • http://www.indiabackpacker.blogspot.com umesh k derebail

    Praz, good to see your commercial blog on making money. Nice tips to guys who want to milk their blog, i tried to incorporate Ad sense into my blog, but it did not fetch any return, instead i removed it due to clutter of advts. Ultimately if the content is good i feel in the long run it will attract eyeballs. Good to know that you too are based in Blore. Good luck

  • http://incrediblogger.net Prasenjit

    Hey Umeshji, great to see you here. Finally I could draw the attention of a couple of Fellow Indibloggers like you and PunditCommentator.

    I admit that Adsense does not return well in compared to other sources like affiliate marketing. But still it is good to go as long as the blog/site is not over-cluttered with adverts. You have to do a little bit of experimentation on the proper placement of adverts to increase the Click Through Rate(CTR).

    Let us try to meet up someday, so that we can exchange a few words.


  • Rachell@OnlyWire Account Creator

    Yah! Agree on it should be a keyword winner. In any site or blog, keyword is the most important.

  • http://www.woodlandshomelistings.com/spring-texas.html Jarrod Frenzel

    It’s a good idea to split test your ads all the time so you will know which ads work and which ads don’t or perform better than others. Try not to expect fast cash in the beginning.

  • Ankit

    Nice post.
    Blogs are really helpful and best way for making money.

    • http://incrediblogger.net Prasenjit

      Blogs are really a great means of making money if done properly.

  • http://royalwatches.pk murad

    yep i also agreed with Ankit that blogs are very helpful to make money but if do with great strategies and with great plains then its help you otherwise you all were saw that lots of blogs are index in search engines and they have ad sense too but they got nothing why?? because they just created it but not have great ideas to handle it

  • John Allen

    Great tips on how to make money with blogs. It should always start as a part time job before you go in full time. Hard work is very essential all through so any person starting a blog should be ready to work both hard and smart.