10 Quick Facts about Software Professionals

With the current Software Boom and the fact that many people are getting inclined towards joining Software Companies and being called as Software Professionals, I thought of doing a research and drafted an image out of it. The image has got all the points and so, there’s not much writing in this post. Let me know your opinions as comments to this post.

Prasenjit Haty10 Quick Facts about Software Professionals
  • http://bigfishtopdogs.com/ Theresa Bradley-Banta

    Geez… sign me up! Now I know what you’ve been talking about Praz! These are some interesting and not very positive facts. It’s good to shed some light on the glamorous perceptions people might have about the business. You’ve done some research here… nice post. I really like your comic too! So, how many languages do you speak? And how’s the weather over there?

    I would sign off in java but I’m not sure how :)

    Glad to see your post Praz.

  • http://bigfishtopdogs.com/ Theresa Bradley-Banta

    Hey Praz… one other thing. I wanted to mention the Rookie Blogger of the Year contest. You are getting some votes my friend! That’s cool :) Hope your readers take a minute and vote! Will you put the link in a reply? Make it easy for them?

  • http://incrediblogger.net Praz

    Hey Theresa,

    Thanks for your comment and I feel good to hear that you liked my post. Well, I speak around 4 languages :). The weather in Bangalore (India) is cool as always. Did you check my guest post at Technshare So You Want to Venture into Pro Blogging, Here’s What Not to Do?


    • http://bigfishtopdogs.com/ Theresa Bradley-Banta

      Hey Praz,

      I just read your guest post at Technshare. I really love how you talk about how readers can tell if you are not passionate about what you do! And, it’s true what you say about no passion equals no fun.

      I’m glad you pointed me over to your guest article. You received some great comments too… always a good sign of an excellent post! Thanks for your reply!

      • http://incrediblogger.net Praz

        Yeah that post kinda received a lot of comments. I guess people liked it. But unfortunately I don’t receive much comments on my own blog :(.

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    Hi Theresa,

    You’re an Angel. Thanks so much for pointing it out and thanks for the suggestion.

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    Theresa’s blog is currently leading the contest with 62 votes. I need your votes to beat her :). Lolz.

  • http://www.woodlandshomelistings.com/east-shore.html Jarrod Frenzel

    These are some interesting facts. I’m quite appalled by the 10th fact, though. I never knew that software professionals feel this way. I really thought they were so lucky to find a job that has something to do with their passion.

  • http://www.rafayqureshi.com Rafay Qureshi

    LOL A Nice Reading about Software Professionals! O.o

  • http://www.rafayqureshi.com Rafay Qureshi

    Its Funny every time i read this blog post xD

    • http://incrediblogger.net Prasenjit

      These facts apply very much to me and my editor because both of us are Software professionals.

  • http://www.jawadkhan.net Jawad

    I don’t agree with the point 2!! Almost all of the software developers I know are married to non-co worker.

    I agree with point 7 and 8! Absolutely spot on! Its kinda sad to accept those two points. These software guys really work hard.